Thursday, October 11, 2012

Products You Love Every Which Way

It is going to start sounding repetitive, but Two Peas really does have the greatest free classes, and you can view any of their past classes which include PDFs and videos and loads of inspiration. When I realized that, I saved all of the classes in my favorites folder and when I go through my challenges I start at the top of the list and go in order. So that is why all of these Two Peas challenges are bunched together like this :).

In 2011, Shannon Tidwell hosted a class called Products You Love Every Which Way which includes 12 videos and PDFs challenging you to use the products you already have in different ways. It definitely helped me think outside the box with the stuff that is piled up in my scrap closet.

This is the January 2011 Challenge. You had to use border strip stickers in a different way than just that line across the page (which is basically all I usually do with them!) or around your picture. Here is my take on the challenge:

I definitely suggest checking out this class and using your products in different ways! That is all. :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Memory Keeping Monday

Today I wanted to post about another challenge/free class offered at Two Peas. The Class is called Memory Keeping Monday and it began in January 2012 and is updated every Monday with a new video. I love that Two Peas offers these free classes and videos. For someone on a tight budget like me it is well appreciated. And I will admit I've bought a class or two online based on the videos the ladies there have done. :)

The Challenge by Jen Gallacher was to use die cuts from multiple manufacturers and combine them on a layout using a patterned paper with the same colors. Here is my layout:

So I only followed the layout a little bit, but I used that grey, gold, red and green paper for my color scheme. I might change a couple of things that are bothering me later, like that grey on grey lettering, but for now I think it met the challenge.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

4x6 Photo Love


I am enjoying my four day weekend! Well, somewhat enjoying it, I am cleaning all over the house. But I also got to organize my scrap closet a bit! I love my scrap closet. The only unfortunate thing is my clothes live down the hall in another closet because I wanted the closet in my bedroom to be my scrap area.

Today I wanted to show you Shimelle's challenge from 2011 on Two Peas. It uses 4x6 photos on all twelve projects. Each month, she added one more 4x6 photo to the  layout- starting in January with 1 photo and ending in December with 12!

Here is the first 4x6 Photo Love Challenge.

And here is the layout I made based on that challenge:

I used different fonts, which was different than what I usually do. I think i was just trying to use up some of the ones i had sitting around with most of the letters missing.

Also, this was one of my first times using October Afternoon's Mini Market Stickers. Since then, I've been in love. I bought quite a few sets from Steal Network, which is a wonderful 2 deals a day site that offers scrapbooking collections and products at a discounted price!

I also used a lot of my mother's buttons in this layout. She was in a card making and stamping phase- I get to go shopping through her stash every once in a while.

Using 4x6 photos in my layout is definitely my favorite. I get pretty anxious about cutting my pictures and having them end up looking uneven or damaged.

Hope you try out one of these challenges! I mean, why not? Those inspiring scrappers all over the world put them out there for us to try!

Friday, October 5, 2012

CSI Case Files


C.S.I. Case Files is a wonderful challenge site that has plenty of inspiration. They give you a color scheme to try, some challenges for your embellishments, and some ideas for journaling including what to journal and how. They also show you the picture where they got all the inspiration for the challenge! It is a lot of fun!! The layouts on the website are unbelievable. Those scrappers are amazing at making collages on their pages. I'm pretty jealous.

Below is the picture from Case File # 1:

And here is my page, very loosely following that color scheme- it was hard to get those exact colors! Also, I challenged myself to use very old papers for this, as I often do with these challenges. It is just so I use my old stuff and stop buying new stuff. :)

For the "evidence" part I used distressed ink on the edges of all the papers, and added a splash of ink to the background (in that bright lime green) and added that bit of lacey transparency. For the "testimony" I journaled on tags.

I couldn't figure out which one it was, but I am also pretty sure I used a sketch from Shimelle for this one. She has a ton on her website. You will quickly see I draw inspiration from her layouts all the time.

I like having to follow the color scheme with my patterned papers. This challenge is definitely worth a shot!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Page Maps

Hello again!

Today I want to talk a little bit about Page Maps. I'm a sucker for a sketch and this website has a ton of them! The best part is that they come in all different sizes: 12x12, 8x11, double page layouts, cards, tags, mini, etc. It is easy to get inspiration from sketches and to have fun interpreting them to your own style.

Here is an old sketch from their May 2012 Maps:

And here is my take on the challenge:

It was a little more white space than I normally do... but I like how it emphasizes the photo. Pretty plain and simple. And I got to use some flags! While the background is plain, I love mixing orange and blue. I made this layout a long time ago, but I always come back to the color combo. Just today I went to a glass and pottery shop and made blue and orange coasters :). Good times!

Anyway, if you like sketches, I'm sure you have heard of Page Maps. If not, try them out!

Check you later!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different

It would only be fitting that my first post be a layout I did inspired by my scrapbooking hero Shimelle Laine. I just find her work and her videos so inspiring and beautiful. She literally changed the way I scrapbook from boring pictures taped every which way on cardstock to a new style with more embellishments and smarter techniques. I could go on forever. She is wonderful.

Now on to the challenge!

Shimelle does a monthly challenge at UK Scrappers found here. On the 10th of each month she tells you what supplies to get ready. On the 20th, there are 20 steps to follow with pictures to make it so simple to learn.

Here is my take on the January 2012 Challenge:

It was fun! I tried out liquid glue and glitter for the first time. This was also my first time stitching on a project. And then painting with my Jenni Bowlin paint dabber I got in a kit once was pretty cool! I love using things I have sitting around but never play with. I have issues with titles and journaling sometimes, especially with the random pictures like these with my son standing around our yard, so it comes out in song.

I encourage people to try this class/challenge out! She really gets you using things you have sitting around but are not getting used enough.

Hello There

I guess I should start off by saying my name is Maureen and I am a scrapaholic. If you are not sure what that means, then I will tell you! :) It is a person who is addicted to all things scrapbooking - pictures, journaling, pretty paper, stickers, ink, stamps, tape, etc. It is a wonderful hobby and a great stress reliever for me. I wish I could do it every day all day. Unfortunately, most people don't have that kind of time on their hands! It is easy to have trouble with inspiration and new ideas when you don't get to play as much as you'd like. So when I am having a hard time thinking about what to do (I call that scrapper's block), I turn to challenges on other blogs! There are so many scrappers out there who blog their wonderful and inspiring ideas and they do video demonstrations and classes and tutorials and tips and techniques. They always seem to be challenging others to do great work and great art.
While I do not find myself to be super talented, I wanted to make sure I properly post my answer to these challenges I've been doing for some time now. That way I can give credit where credit is due. Enjoy!!