Wednesday, February 7, 2018

February Scrapping

I have been working away on some other crafts and reading so I haven't scrapped as much as I would have liked in the last week or so but I did manage to get some things done. I worked on some mini albums in addition to a few layouts below. My major goals for the month are to work in my Valentine's album, Christmas album (from a few years ago!), and more for the Disney album. These layouts did not fit the plan but they all used up some kits so I'm happy for that!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Scrapbooking in January: Week 3 Challenges

I had another productive week of Scrapping and I'm on target to hit my goal of 20 pages this month so I am feeling good. The first thing I did this week was work on a mini album but again I failed to take a picture so I'll move on to the sketch I did.

This sketch was found on the Citrus Twist blog. I loved the style and how it was different than what I normally do. 

Next I did a pretty random Disney layout but I just had to get the story of Prince Eric down! 

Then I pulled a challenge from the Challenge Jar. This time I needed to pick random sticker sheets and make kits using that sticker sheet as inspiration. Boy, was that fun!

The first sticker sheet was an old Sassafras 12x12 sheet with creams and oranges and yellows.

Here is the page kit I came up with.

Next I pulled a random 6x12 sticker sheet. It was an old Cosmo Cricket travel sticker sheet.

I liked the orange and blues and I happened to have a few sheets of this same line so I figured I may as well pull them out, right? 

Then I reached into my random sticker stash from a drawer. This is what I pulled - rainbow glittery skulls. What?! 

OK... Rainbow Pirates. That's what I went with. Luckily I have a picture ready to go.

Next I pulled this sticker sheet from Simple Stories. 

I liked the polka dots and colors so I pulled out these for a page kit. 

Next I wanted to kill-a-page-kit that I already had in my bin and I was able to make a fun 2 page spread. 

Finally, I watched Paige Evan's flip through from last year and saw this beautiful page strip heart layout she had done and so I scraplifted it and made a blue heart and a picture of my husband and our Godson. I was really excited to use so many scraps from my scrap bin! 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Scrapbooking in January: Week 2 Challenges

I had a productive week and kept up with my challenges! I was able to find a pocket of time here and there to work on layouts and I allowed myself the freedom of leaving a project undone and coming back to it later. It helped me get 5 minutes here and there. 

I put together a kit and photos for a mini album I want to work on. I guess it really isn't mini but it is a 9x9 album, so smaller than what I typically work with! Hopefully I'll have my first page done next week. 

Then I worked on the Magical Scrapbook class from Shimelle and came up with this layout for my Disney album. It's another Star Wars Jedi Training one.  

Next I wanted to scraplift a few layouts I found on Pinterest that used this design where they would have two smaller photos and 2 patterned papers int he background, one a 3x12 inch. 

Next I wanted to use a technique I don't do very often. This time was "smooshing" with mist inks. I love how this looks, but I always seem to get nervous with mixed media. Luckily, this one turned out really pretty and I would love to give it another try soon. It's actually pretty easy to do! 

The next challenge came from the Challenge Jar! This time I had to use triangles. I used my neglected triangle punches for this challenge. I find that I always go for circles and squares but I do like to mix it up every now and then. I liked this challenge. 

I went back to the Magical Scrapbook class to work on a few more Disney layouts. This was a design that could work several ways so here are my layouts for that. I'm really not afraid to use those themed papers and embellishments! I have them so I'm going to use them! 

And finally, in an attempt to Kill yet another Kit I have in my stash, I made this layout. I gutted those papers so I could use them again but I really liked the way it all felt like a messy stack. I have a feeling I will be trying this again! 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Scrapbooking in January - Week 1 Challenges

I discussed some of the goals I had already for this year and so far I am on track. I worked on a mini album and made 5 layouts this week, including 1 Disney layout. 

The first challenge was to work on my mini album, which I did, but didn't grab a picture of it just yet! 

The next challenge was to use one of the stash kits I had sitting in a bin. I made this kit a while back and it was perfect for a single page. I am a huge fan of doilies lately. And I was so happy to cut into that transparency paper. Sometimes I hold onto those for way too long!

The next challenge was a Jar Challenge. I had to use a color wheel. I went online and chose the following colors using the Triad option.

I went to work, first taking papers from my 100 papers bin. Then I took out one embellishment sheet that had all the colors I was looking for and found this picture of my son wearing pretty much the same colors for his school picture this year. It all worked out pretty quickly. 

Next I had to "Kill" a Kit on Friday. I made two layouts, but one has a class picture with school sign so I decided not to post that one. The other layout is below. I have been holding onto this book paper for a while now knowing that I wanted to use some pictures I've taken this year while reading. I am so happy I decided to focus on reading again so I wanted to make a layout about it. 

Finally, I used the Hip Kits Club Sketch  from this week to create the layout below for my Sketch Saturday. I am thrilled with how my Disney Album is turning out. I did take Shimelle's Disney class over the summer and hope to finish going through all the videos and sketches to make even more layouts for this project. 

 That is all for now! Happy Scrapping! 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Setting Goals in 2018

It is January again and for me that means I have already made a list of goals for the year and things I'd like to focus on. This year I want to make sure I am scrapbooking more. I want to make sure I am using things I already have. I want to try new techniques. I want to complete an album. 

I started to Bullet Journal again and this is helping me sort out my goals. 

The first goal is huge. I want to make at least 5 layouts a week. That will be a total of 260 pages by the end of the year. I kept track of how many layouts I did last year and I was somewhere around 118. If I hit 200, I will be happy. But I am saying 5 a week because it is a nice solid number to strive for. 

Second, I am planning to use my scrapbook instagram more. I find it keeps me excited and engaged to share what I am making. (@moscraps). 

Third, I am going to come back to updating my blog. I have some challenges I am working on and classes I am catching up on that will hopefully result in lots of layouts to share! 

I am also working on sorting through my pictures on Google Photos to decide which I want to print for scrapping. This has been a huge undertaking over the past year and I'm still working on it. I ended up completely reorganizing my albums chronologically and I love it. Now I can see where I am missing photos and stories by comparing to Google Photos. 

I also have a daily plan to help me when I'm stuck.

Scraplift Sundays - I will look on pintrest, blogs, instagram, facebook for a layout I like (5 minutes max) and then run to my desk to make a layout inspired by that one in some way. 

Mini Album Monday - I will work on mini albums more since I have so many that are begging to be used. 

Technique Tuesday - I will try out a technique I am unfamiliar with or rarely use

Stash Kit Wednesday - I will create a stash kit or use one

Jar Challenge Thursday - I will take out one of the challenges from my jar and complete it

Kill a Kit Friday - I will use my Hip Kit or Counterfeit Kit in an attempt to use it all up

Sketch Saturday - I will find or create a sketch to make a layout

I wish everyone luck in completing their goals this year! Hopefully I am able to stay on track with mine. I've already worked on a mini album and a layout this week so I am feeling the motivation build! 

Friday, June 2, 2017

Scrapbooking in June: Instagram Challenges 2

The next #FMSPAD challenge on Instagram was "besties". I chose a picture of my husband and my son, before they were dad and son, they were BFFs. I know we are rounding the corner into summer but this is a clearly Autumn layout. Oh, well! 

The prompt for Shimelle's #ScrapbookingIsMySuperpower Instagram challenge was paper you are still saving. I have lots that fit the prompt, but I have a great many constellation/star/space papers that I love but haven't found the exact right photos for yet. I suppose we will need to go star gazing or to a planetarium so I can find a good use for them. I just don't have the right camera for night photos, though! Is this a good enough excuse to spend the money? haha! 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Scrapbooking in June: Instagram Challenges 1

I was thinking this June I was going to follow the Photo A Day Challenge on Instagram and use it as inspiration for my scrapbooking. (@moscraps)

Image result for fms photo a day june 2017

The prompt for day #1 was Joy. I recently saw both Shimelle and Jen Schow use this rainbow paper and I thought I was holding on to it a little too long so I should use mine, too! 

I saw Shimelle was also hosting this cool photo challenge on her Instagram. I am following along most days - looks like a fun time!!