Friday, May 6, 2016

NSD2016 Challenge #1: CardMaps Challenge

It is here! National Scrapbooking Day/ Weekend! NSD 2016! So many different groups I follow are hosting challenges, and I plan to do some from each that I follow. The key is the due dates of the challenges. You have to pay attention to when things are due because some are same day/weekend and some extend for another 2 weeks! There is going to be so much inspiration and I am excited to get some stuff done. I told my boys it was what I wanted for Mother's Day! 

The very first NSD Challenge I'm working on is a CardMaps Challenge from  We had to follow a sketch and make a card. I get nervous making cards because I don't always end up liking what I make but these challenges are great for getting me out of my comfort zones. Here is my take on the sketch:

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