Friday, April 7, 2017

Scrapbooking in April: Challenge Jar Kits

I had a little bit of time this week to pull a challenge out of the Challenge Jar.

Make 5 page kits using lots of die cut pieces

The last challenge I did from the jar was also page kits and I was able to make a page with each one already. I plan to do the same with these kits. I managed to make all the kits with my 100 patterned papers - this used up 14! 

Here are the page kits!

The first one was inspired by the pinata paper I pulled out and the pinata die cuts I had in my random stash. I decided I wanted to also make sure I used a 12x12 sticker sheet and letter tiles for each of these pages. 

I had lots of clouds and an umbrella and raindrops so This one is a bit rainy and gray. 

I pulled out the kraft hot air balloon because the challenge on the 100 patterned paper facebook page is to use up Kraft paper items this month. 

At this point I just reached into the random die cut bag and pulled out that pink jar and went off of that as inspiration for the full page kit. 

I liked the orange/red and yellow present and went with that as my color scheme for this kit. I'm so excited that I had several papers that would work in the stash I was pulling from!

Check back to see the pages I make with these page kits. 

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