Saturday, January 7, 2017

Scrapbooking in January - Challenge 1

I have collected quite a few challenge jars over the years. Right now I am working on one that my sisters and I put together a few years ago. One of my goals this year is to get through a good chunk of them. Here is the first challenge.

Make a Mini Album

I didn't use my kits for this one because I found an old mini album I was working on years ago in my stash of minis. I decided to finally finish it. It was a small chipboard album I wanted to let my son use when he was a toddler so he could recognize his extended family. I didn't embellish them, just had some ribbons on there and a front and back cover. It was supposed to be suitable for a toddler. I finished the album and I am pleased. Here are a couple of the pages. 

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